Cedar Park Chiropractors Help Range of Motion

As we go through life we have traumas, falls and repetitive postures that can lead to reduced range of motion.  When we are younger many people tend to take their ability to move and function for granted and don’t spend time focusing on keeping it!  As we age even simple spinal movements can become harder to do and it can lead to tightness, muscle spasms and injury.  Cedar park chiropractors can help patients with range of motion issues and help to get you back on track

Range of Motion for Daily Activities

Simple activities like cleaning the house, walking the dog and backing out of the driveway all require use of your spine and joints to move.  Most people don’t think or even notice these joints working but if you have some type of injury or degeneration in your spine you can start to feel the pain daily.  That will lead to even these simple movements above becoming increasingly harder to do.

The Spine and Range of Motion

The spine and joints are the primary treatment areas focused on by Cedar Park chiropractic doctors.  Issues related to your spine can be responsible for conditions such as headaches, back and neck pain, carpal tunnel, numbness, tingling and even arthritis.    Having a well adjusted and balanced spine is the key to easy and pain free range of motion.  With all the stress that a body can go through in today’s world, it is critical that you make sure your spine is properly functioning.

Chiropractic Help

Our Cedar Park chiropractic team at Cedar Park Spine & Injury can help you with your range of motion issues.  Once we evaluate your spine we can reccomend specific exercises, stretches and a plan of chiropractic care to help improve your spinal function.  Once things are back in place you should be able to get back to all those activities and actions that were causing you problems in the first place.


If you need any help please call our team at Cedar Park Spine & Injury at 512-257-9500 and schedule a time to meet with Dr. Kyle Meers.

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