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Payment for Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care:  Payment Options Are you experiencing pain, discomfort, or decreased mobility?  Whatever the cause or if you are unsure, you should seek chiropractic care.  This care is 100% natural and has many benefits.  What are they? As previously stated, chiropractic care is natural.  It involves manual therapy, also known as hand therapy.  A chiropractor…

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Chiropractic Care and Headaches

Do you suffer from constant or severe headaches?  If so, you may do what most Americans do.  That is simply just reach for the medicine cabinet.  Yes, most over-the-counter products can relieve headache pains, but that relief is short-lived.  Instead of masking the pain with over-the-counter products, seek a proper diagnosis and long-term relief.  You…

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Car Accident Chiropractor in Cedar Park | Dr. Kyle Meers

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5 reasons to visit a chiropractor after a car accident

  Were you in a car accident in the cedar park, austin, round rock or leander area?  You feel fine, but are you?  Here are 5 reasons to find a chiropractor to get checked. 1 – You May Have an Injury and Not Know It Most individuals mistakenly believe that they will be in pain…

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Are You Looking for a Top Chiropractor?

Are You Looking for a Top Cedar Park Chiropractor? The decision to seek out a reputable Cedar Park chiropractor to help with your any back pain, neck pain, joint problems or even a range of motion problem can be a daunting task. Whether been in an auto accident or just feel the wear and tear of everyday…

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Save Your Neck with Your Headrest!

Neck sprains and strains, commonly known as whiplash, are the most frequently reported injuries in U.S. insurance claims. In 2007, the cost of claims in which neck pain was the most serious injury was about $8.8 billion, or 25 percent of the total payout for crash injuries. Head restraints help prevent whiplash. When a vehicle is struck…

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Chiropractic Care

Different Types of Chiropractic Care

Different Types of Chiropractic Care When I speak with patients of mine in my chiropractic office in Cedar Park TX, I often hear a lot of different questions about chiropractic care.  So what I wanted to do was hopefully give you a better understanding of the different types of chiropractic care that may be available…

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When is the Best Time to See a Chiropractor?

This is a very common question when people discuss chiropractic care. Or I often hear, “I’ve never had to go to a chiropractor.” I wanted to clear up and help bring some light to when you should see a chiropractor. If you decide to see a chiropractor, than our office LifeSource Health Center would be a…

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